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Question: Pick a celebrity with a mental health issue and analyze them accordingly: Kate Beckinsale, in her Underworld with anorexia.

Level 1 psychology. Module Clinical Psychology.

Answer: At the age of 15, Kate suffered of anorexia nervosa. During the most intense times, she only brought 32 kilos onto the scales (Sick-celebrities.com, 2012). Kate herself says that losing her father at a young age made her anorexic (DailyMail, 2008).

Part 2
Kate Beckinsale’s problems already started at age 11 when she was send into therapy, her problems with the eating disorder started at age 15. Kate believes her problem was a mental collapse triggered by earlier tragedies. When she was just six years old she had to cope with the death of her father who died of a heart attack at the age of just 31 (DailyMail,2008).
Kate herself tells the DailyMail (2008) that she never really had a father as she cannot remember that she ever had any conversations with him as his death was early and sudden. Furthermore Kate explains that her mother had to raise her all by herself, they have always...(short extract)

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