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Question: Can video games make you intelligent?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems that is caused by poor working memory.

Answer: In the latest time a great deal of attention was conducted towards the task of e-learning. PC games might be useful, intellectual - more specifically, cognitive - to improve skills like the working memory.
There is a great amount of different programs that focus on the task to improve the working memor, in my blog view I want to emphasize the cogmed working memory program.
My question is: Should we conduct cognitive learning programs like Cogmed to children with MID to improve their skills?

What is working memory (WM)?
The capacity of working memory may differ from person to person: Some people may be more, others less juggle things at once in the head. Test your own capacity, by trying to keep a long list of tasks in your head - ┬╗book flight, write to-do-list, call mum, write Kristine, examine tax returns , buy bread , repair bicycle , wash clothes ... " - in that order for sev...(short extract)

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