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Question: EYE14WB - Promote Children’s Emotional Well-being
EYE312WB - Promoting children’s personal, social and emotional development

Part 1:
Task 1 (EYE14WB-1.1, EYE14WB-1.2 and EYE14WB-1.3, you are also meeting EYE3.12WB-1.1, EYE3.12WB-2.1 and EYE3.12WB-2.2)
EYE14WB-1.1 Explain theoretical perspectives on emotional well-being
EYE312WB-2.1 Describe theoretical perspectives in relation to personal, social and emotional development.

EYE14WB-1.2 Explain the process of:
- bonding
- attachment
- developing secure relationships

EYE14WB-1.3 Evaluate the impact of secure relationships on a child's emotional well-being.

EYE312WB-1.1 Describe the stages of personal, social and emotional development of children from birth to 7 years.

EYE312WB-2.2 Analyse how theoretical perspectives in relation to personal, social and emotional development informs current frameworks.

Task 2 (EYEa1.4WB-2.1)
EYE14WB-2.1 Analyse the role of the Key Person in promoting emotional well-being.

Task 3 (EYE1.4WB-3.1, EYE1.4WB-3.2, EYE1.4WB-3.3 and EYE1.4WB-3.4)
EYE14WB-3.1 Identify transitions and significant events that a child may experience.

EYE14WB-3.2 Describe potential effects of transition and significant events on a child's life.

EYE14WB-3.3 Explain the role of the Early Years practitioner in preparing a child for a planned transition.

EYE14WB-3.4 Explain the role of the Early Years practitioner in supporting the needs of children during transition and significant life events

Task 4 (EYE3.12WB-3.1)
EYE312WB-3.1 Create an environment, which promotes the personal, social and emotional development of children in own setting.

Task 5 (EYE1.4WB-4.1)
EYE14WB-4.1 Identify the needs of children in own setting in relation to emotional well-being.

Part 2:
Task 6 (EYE1.4WB-4.2, EYE1.4WB-4.3, EYE1.4WB-4.4, & EYE1.4WB-4.5, you are also meeting EYE3.12WB-4.1, EYE3.12WB-4.2, EYE3.12WB-4.3, and EYE3.12WB-4.4)
Activity Plan
1. Plan and implement an activity within your setting to promote emotional well-being. To reflect on your own role in promoting the emotional well-being of children in your care, answer the following questions:
- Aim
- Describe how you will provide an enabling environment: (Consider Health and Safety)
- Resources
- Theoretical perspectives that have influenced your plan:
- Your role/role of others (including parents –if applicable):
- Differentiation:
(Ways in Which the activity can be adapted for children with different/additional needs)
- Description of play activity/opportunity:
- Reflection:
(What have you learned about: planning, differentiation and the enabling environment, your own professional development needs?). For this reflection consider all aspects of your lesson.

Answer: EYE14WB-1.2 Explain the process of:
“Bonding, attachment is the relationship that develops between an infant and his/her main caregiver. The quality of this attachment impacts the baby’s social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development”.
Bonding: bonding with children from early years is crucially important. When a mother is conceiving & feels kicking & moving of her baby, that feeling & bonding is innate. By 26 weeks, babies start recognizing their parent’s voices & may respond by moving. When I was studying science of early child development course, our tutor showed us a video of a couple & mother was almost 30 weeks pregnant. The father & mother were talking to their baby & also were moving their warm & loving hands on her mother’s tummy, after few minutes the father slowly started tapping the tummy 2 times, & the baby kicked 2 times, then the father tapped 3 time...(short extract)

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