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Question: Unit 2 – The Developing Child
CACHE Level 2 Award, Level 2 Certificate and Level 2 Diploma in Child Care and Education.

D3 Describe ONE (1) suitable method of observing and recording the social development of children aged 5 years.
D4 Explain ONE (1) advantage and ONE (1) disadvantage of this method of observing children.
D6 Describe how snack and meal times can support the social development of children
D7 Show an understanding of diversity and inclusion practise
B2 Explain how observations can be used to support the development of children.
A1 Explain why it is important for practitioners to understand the pattern of development of children from birth to 16 years.
A* reflect on the reasons why everyday care routine are important in early years group settings.

Answer: D3 Describe ONE (1) suitable method of observing and recording the social development of children aged 5 years.
Time sampling techniques
Time sampling is a way that can be used to record a child’s behaviour. Observing a child over a certain time gives you enough time to collect information. This can be used to find out any concerns about the child e.g. being angry or contently hitting other children. When concentration on one child you should make sure they don’t find out and don’t ask them any questions also you can ask the placement supervisor for some advice. And you should record the information on a chart or a sheet. Through observation you would know what they do and how the behave and you have to make sure they don’t know you are watching because they might act or behave differently also they have to come to school every day.

D4 Explain ONE (1) advantage and ONE (1...(short extract)

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