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Question: Tangibles and Intangibles in Visual Merchandising - Unit 30 - P3 and M2

P3 Explain how retail outlets use psychology in their visual merchandising and display techniques to encourage customers to purchase goods.

M2 compare how three retail businesses use space and psychology to influence customers to purchase goods.

BTEC Business - Unit 30 Visual Merchandising

Answer: I will be explaining and comparing tangibles and intangibles for three different shops. Tangibles are what you can see and touch and intangibles are things that aren’t physical. The three shops are Asda, New Look and Ikea. I have chosen three tangibles and two intangibles for each shop. The tangibles I have chosen are; for Asda; packaging design, promotions, and use of company/brand name, for New Look; how customers are influenced by window displays, fixture positioning, and promotions, for Ikea; packaging design, use of company/brand name, and fixture positioning. The intangibles I have chosen are; for Asda; wall displays, face outs, sleeve outs, and visible and accessible products, for New Look; visible and accessible products, and tidiness creating atmosphere, for Ikea; demonstrations, and visible and accessible products.

Asda uses many tangibles, three of which are packaging de...(short extract)

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