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Question: Assess the present state of the UK’s main political parties. (September 2014)

Answer: The conservative party, the party that gained 306 seats in the 2010 general election and had to form a coalition with the liberal democrats by missing out by 20 seats to gain full control of the country, which in turn leads me on to my first success of the Conservatives, the way they have kept the coalition together. Cameron believed the coalition could ‘act for the long term and big decisions for the future’. To the surprise of many opposition parties they have gained enough momentum to make a charge for the next general election. A big debate of the current times is the Scottish referendum, which confirmed a ‘No’ vote. This referendum could have been both good and bad for Cameron and the conservatives. In the end it turned out to be good. The vote was No and Cameron got off with only a scare as it was him who allowed the referendum itself to take place. He put in danger the f...(short extract)

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