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26 essential study skills…continued

Here are the other 16 essential skills – the preceding 11 study skills can be found here

16# Decision making – Confident decision making saves time and helps to control academic stress.

17# Prioritisation – This means deciding which tasks are most important and organising the order in which they must be completed. A vital skill when planning your study timetable.

18# Stress management – stress can be debilitating and adversely affect your results so managing it is important.

19# Goal setting – goals will help you get to where you want to be so this is an essential skill.

20# Highly motivated – Being highly motivated to do your course will help to make it enjoyable and enable you help you to do your work as well as you can.

21# Analytical approach – The task of analysing academic ideas is one you will inevitably face on most courses.

22# Logical – Being able organize information into a logical order, when you

are writing essays or note taking is an indispensable skill

23# Research skills – Being able to locate and assess the reliability of different sources is an essential component of completing coursework and broadening your understanding of any subject.

24# Persistence – There will be times when you are tired but need to carry on to get your work completed. You may also find a particular topic or idea difficult to understand without long periods of study. For that you need persistence and determination.

25# Independent learning – You will not be spoon fed the content for your course at higher levels of study. Rather you will be expected to do a lot of your own reading, find answers for yourself and even choose you own topics to write essays on. Support will often be available – and you may benefit a lot from it – but it will be limited.

26# Self confidence – having confidence in your own abilities will help you to achieve just about anything.

You probably possess a lot of these skills already.

Others might be better.

It isn’t vital that you excel in all these areas, so don’t be too hard on yourself if this applies to you.

Instead allow yourself to feel good about the skills you already possess.

Then take action to improve your study skills in those areas that you struggle.

This might involve buying stationary (a diary, files, a calculator or highlighter pens), organising your notes, writing down your goals, managing your time better, writing a study time table or enrolling on a short public speaking, IT, English or mathematics course.

Take your time, be persistent and in time you’ll be surprised at how much your study skills and academic results will improve.

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  1. Sabrina says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    this isnt really giving much study skills for me hah

  3. iki says:

    It’s really helpful.

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