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Question: Comment on the impact of found objects and/or ready-mades, in early twentieth century Sculpture.

Illustrate your essay with relevant examples. Grade A

A-Level Art History 2018

Answer: The following three works are used to exemplify the impact of found objects in the early twentieth century: Pablo Picasso, Glass of Absinthe,1914, (black painted bronze version), Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917 and finally Meret Oppenheim, Object (Fur Breakfast), 1936. They are discussed chronologically to demonstrate their influence on major art movements. However, they firstly need to be defined and shown why they enter the category of art, before being considered in some detail.
“Found objects”, otherwise known as objet trouvé, are items that have simply been manufactured, or are those that can be combined with traditional materials, e.g. bronze. They can even be a mixture of organic and manufactured items. All examples cited are life size but are considered to be small in scale. Since they contain manufactured material, intended for another purpose, they are also called “rea...(short extract)

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