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Question: What makes The Luncheon on the Grass, by Edouard Manet, an innovative and important painting in the history of art? Grade A

A-Level Art History 2018

Answer: It is an important and innovative painting in two main areas. Firstly, in its treatment of its subject matter, and secondly in how it broke the formal academic rules regarding composition and finish. The latter included the use of perspective, geometrical arrangement, and the use of light, colour, and brushwork. When it was first displayed in 1863 it was considered highly controversial, and the reasons for this must now be examined and set within an historical context, before discussing its subject matter and composition in detail.
Since 1667 the French National Academy of Art, Paris, held a firm control on what art could be painted in France. It set standards, and only by attaining these could artists exhibit at its annual Salon. The latter being a large official exhibition of thousands of paintings. France, at the time, was the centre of the art world and Paris its capital. At the S...(short extract)

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