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Question: Why were the Impressionists considered revolutionary and innovative in art? Grade A

A-Level Art History 2018

Answer: The Impressionists were revolutionary and innovative artists in terms of their use of light, novel sub-ject matter, brushwork, colour use, and in their readiness to embrace technological advances. However, in order to explain why this was so, it is first essential to consider the artistic world they struggled to reform. Then all of the above points will be amplified further and evidenced with rele-vant exemplars.
Since 1667 the French National Academy of Art, Paris, held a firm control on what art could be painted in France. It set standards, and only by attaining these could artists exhibit at its annual Sa-lon. The latter being a large official exhibition of thousands of paintings. France, at the time of the Impressionists, was the centre of the art world and the newly built Paris its capital. At the Salon, paintings could sell for high prices, but were expected to adhere to a stric...(short extract)

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