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Question: An analysis of the ways that Pugin dissented from tradition?

(TMA: 04 - Option 2 - Pugin and the Revival of the Gothic Tradition.)

Refer to published texts, works of art and architecture in your answer.

Answer: Did Pugin dissent? Dissent is defined as “to differ in opinion”( Merriam Webster Dictionary Online). It is also defined as an English Nonconformist(using capitals)(Merriam Webster). If this is the definition, then Pugin did dissent. He did “differ in opinion” with many of his contemporaries and “worked ferociously”, (Rosemary Hill) throughout his short life to communicate (in his writings) and illustrate(in his decorations and building designs) these differences. Pugin saw himself as a traditionalist and felt that the Neo Classicists were the dissenters. (p 121 Elizabeth McKellar. 2008). These conflicting concepts of exactly what Pugin was, make for exciting reading, when unfolding his story and therefore his ideas. He must have had some insight into the ‘conflicts’ he could initiate as he even named one of his published works “Contrasts”....(short extract)

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