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Question: EMA How important have constructed facilities rather than natural features been in the creation and maintenance of seaside resorts?

AA100 The Arts Past and Present

Answer: It is hard to imagine how extended visits to the British coast could exist without man-made additions to the natural features. While the beauty and tranquility of the coastline are obvious draws, to enable these visits to become more than just fleeting excursions man-made facilities are essential. The growth of the seaside resort over the last two centuries is due not only to the attraction of the natural features, but mainly to the varied constructed facilities that have been implemented over the years to encourage and facilitate extended visits. To validate this point, it will be necessary to look at some of the most important factors to the growth and success of seaside resorts and discuss how constructed features have contributed to their development and ongoing popularity.

Before the eighteenth century, the sea and the resorts that lay next to it were seen as places for fishermen...(short extract)

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