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Question: TMA 04 Why did cultural heritage, including language and symbols, become such an important element in Irish nationalism?

Answer: In this essay I will discuss how cultural heritage became a central device used by Irish Nationalists to validate their cause and unite a nation against the rule of the United Kingdom.
When looking at Ireland’s cultural heritage we first need to look at the term ‘Invented Traditions’. Invented Traditions, in the case of Irish Nationalism, are traditions that Nationalists reconnected to from Ireland’s distant past, in order to unite the Irish against British influence. These ancient traditions were then remoulded to suit the new cause and an Irish identity in the form of ancient Irish Culture. The writings of Eric Hobsbawm and Terrance Ranger published in 1983, describe in detail how the Invention of Tradition is used. They stated that invented traditions, ‘normally attempt to establish continuity with a suitable historic past’ and ‘use history as a legitimator of action a...(short extract)

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