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Question: TMA 04 For this assignment you need to search for and select a primary source from the primary source database. You should select a primary source that can shed light on the theme of Block 4 – the ‘experience’ of empire. Then write a 1000-word analysis of your chosen source. The source you choose can be linked to any unit in the module, providing you use it to shed light on the experience of empire, but to avoid the risk of plagiarism, you would be well advised not to take a source that is discussed intensively in the units.

Thistlewood, T. (1752 - 1779) in Douglas (1999) In Miserable Slavery, Kingston, Jamaica, University of the West Indies Press, pp. 54 - 269. In The Open University (2018), ‘A326 Primary Source 12.10’. Available at https://students.open.ac.uk/arts/a326primarysources/PDF/A326_PS12.10.pdf (Accessed 14th February 2019).

Open University – A326 Empire 1492-1975 – Undergraduate 2018/2019 - Mark = 78%

[Please use this essay as an example to learn from and do not copy. As long as you do not copy, reading the work of other students is an ethical and proven educational technique that can guide and improve your own academic writing. This essay is intended only to help with understanding the academic writing style, critical analysis, content and referencing that is expected by teachers, tutors and other educators.]

Answer: This document contains extracts from the diaries of Thomas Thistlewood, who was a British overseer, small plantation owner, and slave owner in Jamaica from 1750 until 1786. The juxtaposition of documenting interesting issues with the mundane details of daily life classify this source as a private journal not intended for public exposure. This is further reinforced by the inclusion of details that were not likely to shed a flattering light on Thistlewood, even by the notably different morals and standards of conduct prevalent in plantation society at that time. Furthermore, Thistlewood’s relatively low status and personal character resulted in him not forming a ‘white family’, but focusing on often predatory relationships with black women. Hence, his diaries were even less likely to be scrutinised after his death, and if they were then he perhaps was relatively unconcerned about any...(short extract)

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