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Question: TMA 03 Option 1 Were economic factors the most significant cause of the British Empire’s expansion in the nineteenth century?

Open University – A326 – Empire 1492-1975 – Undergraduate – 2018/2019 - Mark = 74%

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Answer: Hack lists the “four key sinews of power in empires” as “military, economic, bureaucratic, and cultural” (2008, p7). While each must contribute to the expansion and maintenance of empire to some degree, their relative contributions must differ, and this is certainly true of the British empire in the nineteenth century. While Britain expanded control in her remaining North American territories; in India; during the ‘scramble for Africa’; and in the southern hemisphere ‘white settler’ colonies, an enormous advantage over other nations is largely attributable to economic power. However, Britain also expanded influence in an informal empire or sphere of influence based largely on economic factors. This essay will explore how significant economic advantages were in comparison to the other factors. It will also consider the extent to which economic factors were reasons in thems...(short extract)

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  • Subject: A326 Empire: 1492-1975
  • Course: A326 Empire: 1492-1975
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