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Question: TMA 01 Option 1 Part A - Examine the map for TMA 01, which is located under ‘Zoomable maps’ (Supplementary map 15, ‘The British Empire with Distances’). This map was published in The Times on 24 May, 1909. How useful is this map, as a primary source, to the historian of empire? [Word count – 548]

TMA 01 Part B - Using the typology given in Table 2.2 (Block 1, p.54), classify three different types of colony that appear on the map, explaining your reasoning. [Word count – 548]

Open University – A326 – Empire 1492-1975 – Undergraduate – 2018/2019 - Mark = 85%

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Answer: TMA 01 Option 1 Part A - Maps “do not simply represent the world, they convey knowledge through representation”, (Mackie, 2008, p.18). While this map superficially celebrates the pre-eminence of the British Empire, it also contains hidden sub-texts of considerable interest to a modern historian.
The map was intended for a wide public audience, which would be the largely upper middle-class readership of The Times. However, The Times “achieved an authority which has probably never been matched and was widely regarded as infallible” (Temple, 2008, p.14). As such, its influence would be significant both at home and overseas. The Times was regarded as the newspaper of the establishment under the ownership of Harmsworth’s, who “gloried in the vulgarity of the new imperialism” (Temple, 2008, p.29). As Temple notes, “The potential power of the press on ‘public opinion’ had ...(short extract)

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