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Question: Question: TMA 02 Write a reflection on your experience of working in an online team for Assignment Preparation Task 02. This reflective piece should be up to 500 words long and written in continuous prose.

Question: TMA 02 Look carefully at the painting Madame Moitessier by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, which you can find on the National Gallery’s website. Using the list of questions that you worked through in Chapter 3, Section 3.2, when you undertook the activity on p. 115, write up to 500 words analysing Madame Moitessier. Then write up to 500 words discussing the ways in which the painting can be related to the theme of authority in Book 2.

Answer: Participating in the group wiki in preparation for TMA05 has been my first experience of collaborative work in my Open University studies thus far. At the start of A105, when I saw that this element of learning was included, I was apprehensive about taking part in a group activity. My main concerns were toward how I would respond to working with strangers, and whether everyone in my group would participate equally. I am an independent worker and I prefer to have control over situations, and this activity forced me to relinquish total control over a piece of writing and allow others to give their input.

At the start of this process, all the members were invited to introduce themselves in the group forum. This was a great ice-breaker, and as I have not been able to attend any day schools it was interesting to chat online with other students and find out their backgrounds. It was diffic...(short extract)

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